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So, What Do We Offer Our Clients At Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists?

Most Of All, Our Skills And Knowledge Of Humane Maine Bat Control Removal Techniques

First of all, we are the premier, full-service Maine Bat Control specialization company in Maine. In addition, we are comprised of highly experienced and skilled professionals Also, the Maine bat control and  removal specialists of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists have been delivering superb, personalized services since 1998.

Integrity and Knowledge

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” – Samuel Johnson

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you what a bat cave looks like

The Earth without bats would be a very different and much poorer place. Furthermore, bats in Maine are playing ecological roles that are vital to the health of Maine’s natural ecosystems and human economies. Also, bats play a critical role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Furthermore, understands the biological nature and importance of all eight bat species, hibernating and tree bats, in Maine. Also, we humanely remove bats from your home or business.

Bats In The Attic

Especially relevant, the first indicator there may be a bat problem in a Maine home is a bat showing up inside the house. Also, Bats most always originate in an upper level of a building. For example, they enter attics and eves. Also, they then trickle down to the living quarters via a chimney, plumbing and electric pipes or wires or openings in construction. Also, if we find bats, an experienced bat control technician must investigate the building. We have years of experience solving bat problems. And, please be aware a lesser experienced person confuses bat droppings in an attic for mice droppings. So, there’s value in having a bat inspection done properly.

The Bat Inspection

Yes, the first sign a homeowner may have a bat problem is a bat showing up inside the home. Also, noises in the upper level of a home or wall signals bats. And, odd odors in the home, especially during the warm summer months is a sign of bats. So, if you suspect a bat problem, the first step is to schedule a bat inspection. And, Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists determines if there’s a bat problem or not.

Because a bat has shown up inside the home this does not mean there’s a bat infestation. And, during mid-July – mid-August, Maine’s young bats are learning about flying. Consequently, they end up where they shouldn’t be. They will come down chimneys, get under doors, and go into attics. Most noteworthy, during a bat inspection we look inside the attic area, if possible. Also, we will check knee-wall areas. And, we search for openings in the upper levels where bats may enter. Finally, we look at the exterior of the home to identify where bats enter a house.

Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists are THE Maine Bat Professionals.So, when it comes to Maine bat inspections please choose us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Bat Proofing Or Bat Exclusion

First of all, this is the only way to get rid of the bats. Furthermore, on the outside of a house, small openings will allow bats to penetrate the shell of a building allowing them access to live inside. And, it’s our job and expertise to identify these areas. In a nutshell, all the exterior of a home needs close examination. Also, we seal and wire off any openings that a bat can get through.

Please note, there will be primary bat entry/exit areas and secondary. And, the primary areas will get a one-way bat door or bat valve. Also, the secondary areas will get wired, sheet metaled, or caulked closed. So, what we do depends on how the end product will look and what’s correct for that application.

Bat work makes it necessary to access the highest levels of a home. So, this is why it’s best and safest to hire a bat exclusion specialist At Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists.

The 8 Bats Of Maine And More


So, What Bats Are In Your Home?

More than eight species of bats live in Maine, from the common little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) to the less common silver-haired bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans) and red bat (Laiurus borealis).

Bats range in length from the two-and-a-half-inch long Eastern pipistrelle (Pipistrellus subflavus) to the six-inch-long hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus). In addition, the hoary bat has a body approximately the size of a house sparrow and a wingspan of 17 inches.

The species most often seen flying around human habitation include the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) and big brown bat.


Don’t Handle Bats!

Most of all, leave the handling of bats to a professional. So, why? Because bats can carry two major diseases:

1) The lung disease histoplasmosis which can come from the bat guano, and

2) The rabies virus, which comes from being bitten by an infected bat in its virulent stage.

The 5 Maine Hibernating Bats

little bat

Big Brown Bat

(Eptesicus fuscus)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a big_brown_bat

little bat

Little Brown Bat

(Myotis lucifugus)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Little Brown Bat

little bat

Little Brown Bat

(Myotis septentrionalis)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Long Eared Bat

little bat

Eastern small-footed bat

(Myotis leibii)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Eastern Small Footed Bat

little bat

Tri-colored bat

(Pipistrellus subflavus)
Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Tri Colored Bat

The 3 Maine Tree Bats

little bat

Hoary bat

(Lasiurus cinereus)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Hoary Bat

little bat

Silver-haired bat

(Lasionycteris noctivagans)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Silver Haired Bat

little bat

Eastern Red bat

Eastern Red bat (Lasiurus borealis)

Maine Bat Control Of Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists shows you a Eastern Red Bat

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