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Auburn Maine Bat Removal By Midcoast Wildlife Specialists is a team of trained bat removal & control specialists. In addition, we serve the beautiful state of Maine. Also, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists offer a variety of wildlife animal control, trapping, and exclusion services in Maine.

Many bat exclusions we handle involve ladder work on steep pitched roofs & difficult angles. In other words, this kind of work can be very dangerous. Therefore, we take our own safety seriously, along with the safety of our clients. Furthermore, Auburn Maine Bat Removal gets rid of the bats in your home or attic for good.

Equally important, all bat removal jobs come with a written warranty. This guarantees we get rid of your bats! Rest assured, we end the sleepless nights, bats entering the house, and bad odors in the attic. Call us anytime at 207-380-6652.

Auburn Maine Bat Removal found these bats roosting in a customer’s attic. We found the entrances and installed the bat excluders. These bats safely escaped through the bat excluders. We NEVER harm bats in the removal process!

Flying Bats In Your Auburn Maine Home: Call Auburn Maine Bat Removal

Many Auburn, Maine homeowners encounter bats during the course of the year. The peak of bat issues takes place in July & August, but can happen any month of the year. If a loose bat shows up inside the house it’s for one of two reasons. One, the bats are using the home as a “bat roost.” Or, it’s a rogue bat that has gained access inside the home through holes on the outside of the building. These holes include chimneys, air conditioners units, and more. Rarely do bats fly in as you open and close the door, for example, bringing in groceries.

Auburn has many older homes that bats have traditionally used to inhabit. But, even a newer home can soon become a bat roost if there are exterior openings. Generally a bat population will reside in the attic area of a home. But, bats can be found in walls and occasionally in a basement. If a bat colony exists in the attic Auburn Maine Bat Removal uses a process called bat exclusion. This process involves getting on ladders and combing over the exterior of the house. We seal or wire entrances and install one way bat excluders. Bat excluders are devices that allow bats out but not in.

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists of Auburn Maine Bat Removal are bat experts. We are not “bug killers“ trying to dabble in this work. Auburn Maine Bat Removal is licensed and insured! WE ARE THE BAT EXPERTS OF PORTLAND, MAINE.

Look No Further. So, Get Started Today With The Bat Experts At Auburn Maine Bat Removal.