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So Many Questions About Bat Facts – Too Little Space And Time

There are so many interesting questions about bat facts that we’ve been asked over the years:

  • “What is the length of the different bats’ fingers?”
  • “How large is the wingspan on the largest bat?”
  • “Since bats’ wings are made out of a thin membrane/skin, does it ever tear and make it hard for bats to fly?”
  • “How many colors do bats come in?”

So on and so forth.

But this page is dedicated to those bat facts questions that are relevant to bat problems that can be found in your home, attic, buildings and business.

If you feel that we’ve not answered all the important questions you might have about bats please feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to get back to you as time permits.

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General Bat Information For The State Of Maine

Bat Problems In Your Home?

So, you have Problems with bats getting into your home? Well, in Maine that’s a very common occurrence for many homeowners. The majority of bat infestations and encounters occur in summer months in the state of Maine. And, bats will usually infest the attic area of a house. Also, they can trickle down into the living quarters at certain times. So, if you find a bat inside your home then it’s a good idea to have your home inspected. And, THE REASON YOU WANT DO THIS is you want to determine if there’s a bat colony present.

Maine’s Most Common Bats

In Maine, the most common bats getting inside a home will be big brown bats or little brown bats. Also, big brown bats can also overwinter in human dwellings. And, they show up inside during the coldest months of the long Maine winter. Our little brown bats live in summer cottages on lakes and ponds throughout the state. Also, do you know little brown bats in Maine have their populations harmed by white-nose syndrome?  And, this disease has spread throughout the Pine Tree State. Now, their sightings have dwindled to a near nothing level. But, there are still colonies that have survived the white-nose fungal infection. And, we deal with these colonies every summer.

A Bat Resurgence In Maine

We have seen a resurgence of bat-related problems in the state during the last several years. And, big brown bats seem to be getting into homes where the little brown bats lived. Also, this trend has followed suit in other states like New York. For a while, the New York little brown’s populations crashed. And, years later, the big brown bats started picking up the slack of bat-related problems.  If you think a bat is in your home please call Mid Coast Wildlife specialists. And, we have many years specializing in bat exclusion. Also, our main goal is humane eviction of bats from your home. So, we will be happy to stop by and check your particular situation. And, we’ll recommend a course of action to resolve the bat problem.

So Here Goes With The Maine Bat Facts Questions!

Q. So, I've had Bats in the attic for many years does Midcoast Wildlife Specialists do attic cleanouts or remediations for removal of bats feces or guano?
A. To be sure, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists has the equipment and know how to remove contaminated insulation and bat waste.

maine bat facts at Midcoast Wildlife Specialists - guano in attic

You don’t want this in your attic! Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can deal with your bat guano issues.

Q. Also, I keep getting bats in my house and it getting unsettling why are they getting in ?
A. In particular, bats will use houses as “Roosts” meaning they will establish colonies and use the house to live in for shelter and a place to rear their young. And, when this happens they may start showing inside the living quarters. Also, occasionally a bat or bats may accidentally end up inside a house they are not roosting in.
Q. Bats are showing up inside the house in the winter, so, what does this mean?
A. For example, Big Brown bats will use a structure to hibernate in during the winter and will occasionally come out of hibernation and become active.
Q. Also, what types of bats will live in houses in the Northeast?
A. Generally, Big brown and Little Brown bats are by far the most common.
Q. So, How many bats will live in a house?
A. Specifically, anywhere from a few to several hundred but commonly 20-80.
Q. So, If I put up a bat house will the bats leave my house and go to live in the bat house.
A. To be sure, we like to see bat houses installed to provide an alternate roost for the bats and conservation of bats they will become very dedicated to their roost and will not willingly leave the house to take up residence in the bat house.
Q. Particularly, how do you determine if there are bats living in your house?
A. To emphasize, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can go to the house and do a though evaluation to determine the nature of the bat issue which can vary from house to house.
Q. If I have a bat colony living in my house how do you get and keep them out?
A. First, we completely inspect your building and determine the entry and exit areas for the bats. Then, we seal off areas big enough for bats to get through. And, over the exit areas we install a one-way excluder so the bats can fly out but not back in!!
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