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THE Maine Bat Control Experts: So, what you need to know about Midcoast Wildlife Specialists?

In particular, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists has specialized in the business of sealing homes and humane excluding of bats since 1998.
Also, we’re always planning for the future effectiveness for all that we do. And, we don’t put band aids on what we do. We have permanent solutions!
Not to mention, we see problems as challenges and we learn from them. And, we go beyond a fixated mind set and open up new ways of thinking so we can explore options.
In addition, prompt, responsive customer care is the cornerstone of Midcoast Wildlife Specialists. What’s more, Mainebat.com takes pride in supporting our customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The History Of Midcoast Wildlife Specialists

To repeat, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists, the Maine Bat Control Experts, has been the leader in bat control and removal in the state of Maine since 1998. For example, we pioneered the bat removal process, learning techniques through years of experience and collaboration with other bat removal experts from across the country.

Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists pioneered the bat removal process!

Without reservation, we believe in quality service to our customers, and we are a local Maine, family-owned business. While removing bats from attics and buildings is a rather unique occupation, nevertheless it requires years experience to become an expert. To be sure, you might say we have our bat PHD!

From Eliot to Ft.Kent and from Rangeley to Calais, as well as places in between, we have traveled the cities and backwoods of Maine, successfully doing bat exclusion work with attention to satisfying our customer’s bat removal needs.

So, if you have a bat problem, rest assured you are calling bat specialists.

A single bat was found roosting in the corner of a customer’s attic.

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Want the best? It’s Midcoast Wildlife Specialists. The Maine Bat Control Experts.