Maine Bat Problems On The Rise

Maine Bat Problems were on the rise when I first started my bat control business in Maine of 1998.  At that time there were millions of bats infesting homes throughout Maine. Most bat problems occurred near water. But why do bats live near water? Because insects breed in water and bats eat insects. Hence, Maine bats lived near lakes, streams and ocean fronts.

Maine bat problems impacted the little brown bat - image

The Little Brown Bat lived in large numbers in the state of Maine until  2011- 2012. In  2011- 2012 the White Nose Syndrome hit the Maine little brown bat population. Maine Bat Problems quickly declined.

Bats need secure dry living quarters when they stop feeding. So, the camps and summer homes near water soon housed bats. This was great for the bats but not for the homeowners! Homeowners did not like their Maine Bat Problems. But, we in the business sure did!

Maine Bat Population Crash – Bat Problems Decrease

Up until 2006 many little brown bats infested Maine homes. In the year 2006 white-nose syndrome entered New York State. This fungal infection spread through bats wintering over in their hibernacula. This fatal disease reached Maine by 2011- 2012. It became evident Maine could not escape this devastating bat disease.

Maine Bat Problems and White Nose Syndrome Image

White-nose syndrome has killed millions of bats in North America. At some sites, 90 to 100 percent of bats have died.

My bat calls dropped day after day, evidence bats were on the decline. Also, many camp and homeowners stopped seeing bats flying around their property. Hence, Maine Bat problems nearly vanished

Maine Bat Problems Rising In 2015

Yes, bats inside your home is a problem. But, bats are beneficial to a healthy environment. They consume enormous amounts of insects for their body weight. Furthermore, they play a part in pollination. Maine needs bats and good fortunes struck in 2015. Bat calls started on an uptick! Once again, Maine Bat problems were on the rise!

Bat operators from New York State also saw an uptick in bat-related problems. But, we cannot be sure little brown bat populations are increasing in Maine. But, why? Little Brown Bats generally have 1 offspring per year. So, the Maine little brown bat population recovery will take many years.

So why the uptick? What we theorize in the business is other species of bats are filling the little brown bat void. Big brown bats are roosting in areas where little brown bats once lived. But, their colonies are much smaller than the little brown bat.

Fast forward to 2019 the last few years have been some of the busiest for Maine bat removal companies. Good for bat removal companies and good for the Maine Eco-System!