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The first sign a homeowner may have a bat problem is a bat showing up inside the home. Also, noises in the upper level of a home or wall signals bats. And, odd odors in the home especially during the warm summer months is a sign of bats. So, if you suspect a bat problem the first step is to schedule a bat inspection. Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists determines if there’s actually a bat problem or not.

Because a bat has shown up inside the home this does not mean there’s a bat infestation. During mid July – mid August, Maine’s young bats are learning about flying. They end up where they shouldn’t be. Also, they will come down chimneys, get under doors, and go into attics they do not live in. During a bat inspection we look inside the attic area, if possible. Also, we will check knee wall areas. We search for openings in the upper levels where bats may enter. Also, we look at the exterior of the home to identify where bats enter a house.

Mid Coast Wildlife Specialists Are THE Maine Bat Professionals. So, when it comes to Maine bat inspections please choose us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.